Hammer-Wielding Magician Wows 'America's Got Talent' Panel as Chris Hardwick Joins as Guest Judge

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Nearly every episode of America's Got Talent this season has included a magic act that is utterly mind-blowing, and with the show heading into the next round of competition the illusions are just going to get even crazier.

With this in mind, magician Eric Jones is kicking things off with some breathtaking close-up magic and a smashing performance that the judges aren't soon to forget.

While the talented performer got enough votes to move on following his audition earlier this season, judge Simon Cowell criticized Jones for not having enough stage presence. Jones said he took "all of your comments into consideration," and decided to come back with a more forceful second appearance.

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First, he approached the judges table -- just like he did during his audition -- and had special guest judge Chris Hardwick sign a playing card. Before everyone's eyes, Jones instantly changed the color of the back of the card, leaving everyone amazed.

But Jones knew it would take more than an amazing card trick to woo the judges -- especially in a competition among some of the most bombastic and visually experimental magicians you could imagine -- so that's when he busted out his "magic wand," which he said he brought just for Cowell.

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Pulling the hammer out of his pocket, Cowell couldn't help but laugh nervously. "This was always going to happen one day," the acerbic Brit quipped.

After magically making Hardwick's signed playing card disappear from his hand, Jones asked Cowell and the other judges to move down to the end of the table for their safety.

Cowell cowered behind Hardwick's chair, along with Heidi Klum, as Jones brought the hammer down hard on Cowell's red buzzer, smashing it into little plastic bits and revealing Hardwick's card, which had been sealed inside.

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"I take it back," Cowell said, smiling, as he shook Jones' hand after the impressive illusion. "That was good."

Hardwick is joining the reality competition series for the first week of competition rounds, and it's clear from the teaser the show released that the seasoned TV host is going to bring his dynamic energy and big personality to liven up the judges panel.

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The magicians on this season of AGT have really been bringing their A-game, with some of the most spellbinding illusions imaginable. Check out the video below for a look at a few acts from the AGT auditions that left the judges totally mystified.

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