Gabrielle Union's Character Confesses to Cheating in Season 4 of 'Being Mary Jane'


Coming clean has its consequences.

Season four of BET's Being Mary Jane returned on Tuesday with Mary Jane Paul (played by Gabrielle Union) admitting to cheating on her boyfriend Lee (Chiké Okonkwo).

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The self-sabotage erupted during a tense conversation between Lee and Mary Jane, where she owned up to sleeping with her boss, Justin (Michael Ealy).

Oddly enough, Lee didn't seem too surprised.

"I know how much you like a**holes like him," Lee quipped after Mary Jane's confession.

He also finds the "silver lining" to a seemingly painful predicament by telling Mary Jane that she would make a "terrible mom."


Lee isn't the only one hurt and disappointed by her cheating. In a self-depricating moment, Mary Jane called herself a "selfish b***h“ who "tanked a perfectly good relationship for no reason." (That last part is pretty accurate.)

Meanwhile, Justin didn't lose any sleep over the cheating drama. In fact, he may be more interested in the thrill of the chase, than actually falling for Mary Jane.

Despite questioning whether he's the "devil," the man of her "dreams," or a combination of both, she decided to tell Justin that she split with Lee.

To put it mildly, Justin was less than excited to hear the news. Especially because (surprise!) he has a girlfriend, and he's not willing to risk the relationship for a “whim" (a.k.a. Mary Jane).

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While it's obvious that Mary Jane has a weak spot for Justin, she eventually decides to start dating again.

But in the final scene, Justin pops up at her apartment, and it's not long before they end up in the bedroom.

From the looks of it, Mary Jane can't seem to break old habits.

Being Mary Jane airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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