Chris Hardwick Is at Peace With '@midnight' Ending: 'Now's Not a Bad Time to Go Out On a High Note'

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Chris Hardwick is happy with what @midnight has accomplished.

In a new interview following the news that the Comedy Central mock-game show would be ending after 600 episodes, the show's host opened up about the amicable behind-the-scenes process that preceded the decision to bring everything to a close.

"Oh, I’m fine. I know it sounds strange, but it wasn’t like the cold axe of the network dropped down and shattered our world," the 45-year-old comedian told Variety. "This is something we’ve been discussing with Comedy Central for a bit and have been trying to figure out how we fit in with everything because so much has changed, particularly in the last year, at Viacom and Comedy Central. But the late-night landscape has changed even since we started and I think we got to a point where we felt like you know, maybe now’s not a bad time to go out on a high note and maybe not be the show that overstayed its welcome and in a year have people go, 'Oh, that show’s still on.'"

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"I’m sad in the sense that I’m so proud of the staff and the crew that we’ve assembled and I’m proud of the fact that it’s been such a great platform for comics and comedy," he added. "But I feel like I did the thing that I wanted to do with this show and I’m ready to move on and do other things."

Read Hardwick's entire interview here.

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Comedy Central announced on Tuesday that the upcoming Aug. 4 episode of @midnight would be its last.

And while it's a sad day for fans of the quippy, Twitter-oriented comedy program, you'll still be seeing a lot of Hardwick. In addition to the several projects the TV host is working on, Hardwick was a guest judge on Tuesday night's America's Got Talent.

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