Nick Carter Gets Choked Up Talking About Family on 'Boy Band': 'No Matter What Happens, You Still Love Them'

The Backstreet Boys singer got emotional while sharing some supportive words with a singer on Thursday's 'Boy Band.'

Nick Carter
got emotional on Thursday's Boy Band, after one contestant opened up about his troubled family life.

Before performing a cover of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors," singer Jaden Gray got candid about his tumultuous relationship with his father, who he said has been in and out of jail his whole life, but still loves him and roots for his success.

The touching story struck a chord with Carter, and after the performance, he shared some kind words of support even as he began to get choked up.

"I understand exactly what you're going through when it comes to having a hard upbringing in a family," Carter said. "No matter what happens, or what they say or do, you still love them."

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"If there was one thing you could say your father on a night like this, what would it be?" Carter asked.

"Dad, I love you and I thank you for being the father that you've been," Gray said. "You're the best ever."

Carter praised Gray for his performance, sharing, "It was beautiful. It was everything this world needs."

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Recently, the Backstreet Boys star has been at the center of a very public feud with his younger brother, Aaron Carter, following Aaron's high-profile arrest in Habersham County, Georgia, over the weekend.

Earlier this week, ET sat down with Aaron for a candid interview in which he opened up about his strained relationship with his older brother, and revealed that he thinks there might be "too much animosity" for them to ever reconcile. Check out the video below to hear more.