Westeros Weekly: Will Arya and Sansa Stark Ever Reunite? Sophie Turner Gives Her Exclusive Insight!


**Spoilers from Sunday night’s episode ahead!**

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has ended and so did the Sand Snakes on last night’s Game of Thrones!

On an all-new episode of Westeros Weekly, Leanne Aguilera and Ash Crossan discuss everything from that Arya and Nymeria reunion to Theon reverting back to Reek and nope-ing into the sea.

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As always, Westeros Weekly features exclusive interviews from the biggest celebrity Game of Thrones stars and superfans.

This week, Sophie Turner gives ET her take on a possible Stark sister reunion now that Arya is headed back to Winterfell, while Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) explains why his love for Missandei could be his downfall.

Press play on the video above for a breakdown of Sunday’s most jaw-dropping moments and bold predictions for what lies ahead in The Seven Kingdoms.

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