EXCLUSIVE: Becky G Breaks Down in Tears as She Connects With 'Guardian Angel' on 'Hollywood Medium' -- Watch!


Becky G gets a visit from her “guardian angel.”

ET has your exclusive first look at the 20-year-old’s reading on Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, which finds the clairvoyant connecting with the person Becky calls her “guardian angel.”

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Tyler asks Becky if she has any items he can hold to better connect with the spirit who is coming through. Becky pulls out an old, worn picture frame and hands it over to Tyler, who starts jotting down notes.

“Tinker Bell,” he mumbles to himself. “I don’t know what that is.”

“What was it?” Becky asks. The Power Rangers actress then immediately tears up as she realizes what Tyler has said.

“That’s so weird,” she says through tears. “The frame … at the same time as I had it, one of my rooms, everything was decorated Tinker Bell. I was obsessed with Disney. That frame was one of the things I took from my room. That was when me and my family went through a really hard time, and we lost that home.”

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“That’s when I turned to who I consider [to be] my guardian angel, to this day,” Becky continues. “I lost her when I was really young and, um, she was around the same age, and yeah, she was just always with me. Like, still after she passed, I could see her, I could feel her. And, it’s so weird, ‘cause that frame is one of the only things I have from my room, that was Tinker Bell when I went through one of the hardest times of my life, and my family’s life, so far.”

See more of Becky’s reading on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET when Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs on E! Tyler recently dropped by the ET studios and shared his tricks to spotting a fake psychic. Check out the video below to learn his tips!