EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Lindsay on How She Prepped Her Fiance for Fantasy Suites: 'I Was Honest From the Beginning'

The 32-year-old attorney also opened up about how her man feels about his portrayal on the show.

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ET's Lauren Zima caught up with Rachel Lindsay at the Bachelorette: Men Tell All taping on Friday, where she opened up about this week's fantasy suite dates -- and revealed that her fiance has been prepped for all of them.

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"From the beginning, I've always said that I've had an open, honest relationship with my fiance, because I think that's important," Lindsay shared. "Like, I'm not waiting to see what's shown and then explain things. No!"

Monday night's episode only saw one official fantasy suite -- Eric's -- as Peter's dramatic date was left "to be continued" after he and Lindsay got in a fight about engagement. Though Lindsay revealed that she wasn't sure she and Peter would work things out (and told ET that she didn't get intimate with everybody in the fantasy suites) a lot can happen in the upcoming season finale.

"I was honest from the beginning about what happened in fantasy, what didn't happen in fantasy. And I'm not worried about the episode airing because my truth is my truth," Lindsay told ET on Friday. "And that's what will come out."

As for how Lindsay's finace feels about his portrayal on the show -- she said nobody's ever "100 percent happy."

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"I think that everything that's been shown been good. I mean, you're never 100 percent happy. Even myself, at every single thing that you've seen but like I've always said, we watch things together, we talk about it and we move on," she revealed.

Lindsay told ET last week that her fiance "watches it all."

"I would prefer that he didn’t watch [the show], but he needs to know everything that's going on so he can process everything," she said. "That's the kind of person he is -- he watches it all. I have to explain things on Mondays. Mondays are our most difficult time. We watch it, I explain it, talk about it and move on. It’s been great -- we don't dwell on anything."

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