EXCLUSIVE: Why Joe Jonas Devoured Pancakes for Charli XCX -- Plus, Watch Him Relive His 'Worst Date Ever!'

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Joe Jonas wants you to relive his "worst date ever" in a story that's completely reenacted by puppets. Yes, you read that last part correctly: puppets.

Joe Jonas
wants you to relive his "worst date ever" in a story that's completely reenacted by puppets. Yes, you read that last part correctly: puppets.

It's all for Wilmer Valderrama's new TV show on Fuse, The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow. Each week, celebrities recount true tales of their wildest adventures as they are reenacted by their very own doppelgänger marionette puppets -- and on tonight's all new episode, Jonas' "racy" puppet is recounting the date that almost got the DNCE singer arrested!

"If you've ever been curious to know what I look like as a puppet, then this will answer your questions," Jonas said with a laugh on a recent phone call with ET. "This is a true story, as crazy as it may sound. The puppets make things a little bit more extravagant, so some of it is a little fabricated, but it's all based on a real date. I hope you all enjoy it and find it just as humorous as I did when it was all going down.​"

Press play on the video below for an exclusive sneak peek of Jonas' puppet and keep reading for the secret to his long friendship with Demi Lovato and why he was hungry to appear in Charli XCX's new music video for "Boys." (Spoiler alert: It's not just because there were pancakes involved!)

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ET: In our sneak peek clip from The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow, things get pretty crazy when your date falls asleep in the middle of your romantic night. Be honest, did all of this really happen?

Yeah that was a true story and it was one of those kind of experiences that you can't make up, right? Like, it was so wild that you can't make that s**t up. It definitely was my worst date and I hope it will be my worst date of all time and nothing crazier will happen, you know what I mean? Like, all jokes aside I'm kind of glad that it happened because it makes for a great story, but at the same time, I think I was pretty close to being sent to jail that night. Luckily, one of my most embarrassing moments is also one of my favorites."

What was your initial thought when you first saw your lookalike puppet?

When I saw mini-me, I don’t know if it was love at first sight or if I was just scared at first sight. It's insane! I just wish I could've kept my puppet.

Wait, so where is your slightly creepy puppet now?

That’s a good question! I feel like Wilmer has a beautiful collection at his house or is eBaying them.

In the episode, your puppet does some pretty racy things. [Insert joke about the puppet being made of wood here.] What was your reaction when you watched those scenes?

It was kind of shocking when I first saw it. And they were like, 'We can take out whatever you're not comfortable with.' I was like, 'Absolutely not! You're leaving everything in there!' It was so ridiculous and so over the top and yeah, my puppet does have some moments that are a little sketch, but I love it."

Do you think this girl will reach out to you again after she sees Tuesday's episode?

No, and I kind of hope that she doesn’t. The story could really be about a few people, [so] if she ever hits me up then I can just play plead the fifth and be like, 'Oh no the story isn’t about you.' She wouldn't even remember it because she was asleep the whole time! [Laughs]

We now know your worst date ever, but what’s your best date ever?

Best date ever? Probably just me cooking at home. That’s always really nice. I think low-key cooking at home is my favorite kind of night. I'm not the greatest [cook] but I can do pretty much the basics. But you know, going to the grocery story, picking up the ingredients, and trying your best, that’s kind of part of it and even if it's not the greatest meal you've ever had, I prefer nights like that than planning a big extravagant dinner for a dinner date.

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You recently starred in Charli XCX's new music video "Boys" alongside 74 other hunky men. How did you get involved?

This music video has a longer leg than I expected. It's pretty cool to see how much love there is for this video, but I kind of just thought it was a genius concept. Charli reached out to me and came up with this idea, I was like, "Yes! The roles should be reversed. It's about time. Lets just make this like, over the top!" We had a bunch of different ideas, but I kind of loved the idea that she came up with for me, which was like, just eating a stack of pancakes. So it was a good excuse to dive in.

Did you actually devour those pancakes on set?

Yeah. It was just me and a camera crew and a stack of pancakes. That was definitely my dinner for the day. It's kind of weird when there's a bunch of people just watching and silently judging you eating a stack of pancakes.

Would you ever return the favor and ask Charli to be in one of your music videos for DNCE?

I would love for her to be in one of my videos. I think that she's so talented, beautiful and to have Charli be a part of it, or to do a song with her would be awesome.

Your pal Demi Lovato is releasing hit after hit this summer! Are you dancing around to "Sorry Not Sorry" just like the rest of us?

Yeah I've been rocking out to Demi's new stuff. I'm really happy and proud of her and the songs are doing so well, but I'm not surprised by that.

The music industry can be a pretty chaotic place. What would you say is the secret to your long-lasting friendship with Demi?

I think it has to do with really just trying to show face. If it's just in text or trying to catch up whenever you can, it shouldn’t just be like, you know you're going to run into each other. For example, tomorrow I know I'm going to bump into her, but like, putting in a little bit more effort that that. Sending a message here and there just to kind of do what you can to reach out.

What's still on your DNCE bucket list?

Probably performing on the moon. Or I would love DNCE to be a cartoon, so if we could do Family Guy or The Simpsons, that would be a dream come true for us. Oh! Actually, the top of the list is Rick and Morty.

Catch Jonas' appearance on The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, 9:30 p.m. CT on Fuse.