'America's Got Talent': 9-Year-Old Singer Earns Golden Buzzer With Emotional Song Dedicated to Her Baby Sister

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When 9-year-old Celine Tam took the stage on Tuesday's America's Got Talent, the adorable singer was already feeling the love from the crowd, as well as the judges, who remembered her amazing audition -- and she didn't let her supporters down.

The little songstress with a big voice stunned the panel earlier this season with a flawless rendition of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." But for her performance in the Judge Cuts round, Celine decided to tackle a song with a more personal connection.

"Tonight I'm going to be singing a song for my little sister," said Celine, whose younger sister is named Dion, because their parents are huge fans of the Canadian songstress. "It's about how we love each other. We're sisters and we're best friends."

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Defying expectations, Celine didn't perform any of the celebrated tunes from her namesake's impressive catalog of hits, and instead opted to cover Michael Bolton's iconic ballad "How Am I Supposed to Love Without You?"

While it was clear that many of the judges were surprised by the bold choice, but Celine proved she knew what she was doing with her pitch-perfect delivery, surprisingly powerful voice, and ability to carry a high note.

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Before any of the judges gave their feedback, Heidi Klum asked the night's special guest judge, Laverne Cox, to weigh in on Celine's performance.

"I just want to eat you up. You were so adorable and so cute and your voice is amazing," the Orange Is the New Black star raved. "You are so talented. Thank you so much. I am really blown away."

Before she could even get over how impressed she was, Cox slammed her hands on the coveted Golden Buzzer, shocking Celine and releasing a rain of gold confetti onto the stage. Getting the buzzer means Celine is guaranteed to move on to the live rounds and that she's one step closer to her dream coming true.

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Before her performance , Celine's dad opened up about how proud he was of his little girl for putting herself out there and trying to make her wildest dreams come true in front of America.

"Watching my daughter chasing her dream, that was my first time crying," Celine's father said of her successful audition. "I was so proud of her. We're lucky to have her here."

In her first appearance on the show earlier this season, Celine said she first realized she could sing when she was on a car ride with her father.

"When I was in the car, my dad was driving and suddenly I just sang 'My Heart Will Go On' and he was like, 'Wow!'" the adorable crooner recounted. Check out the video below for a look at her amazing cover of the bestselling singer's iconic ballad.