EXCLUSIVE: 'Will & Grace' Stars Dish on Revival Series & Reveal Karen's First Line!

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The Will & Grace revival just kicked off production
on Wednesday, but NBC has already picked it up for another season -- and the stars of the beloved sitcom are excited for the prospect.

ET's Leanne Aguilera caught up with the cast at NBC's Television Critics Association press tour event on Thursday, where they shared their thoughts on the network's support for their show.

"We had the table read, it went really well," Sean Hayes shared. "It's a testament to NBC's confidence in us."

"It's a little crazy because at our age, they're not even sure we're going to be alive for a second season," Eric McCormack joked. "It's wishful thinking."

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For Megan Mullally, the whole experience has been wonderful and the cast is "so excited" that the network wants more.

"The fact that we're coming back at all is a miracle to me. That's never happened before," she marveled. "We had no reason to ever think that the show would come back and to have them now have that faith in us based on the fan response to do a second season, is just really thrilling."

To Mullally's credit, she's one of the main reasons the revival came together at all. Back in October, the Will & Grace cast reunited for a funny one-off video about the presidential election and the importance of voting. After their experience, interest in a revival series began to spread, and it was the actress' coaxing that may have made it all come together.

"The minute I read the script, I put it down, I picked up my phone, I emailed Max Mutchnick, one of the creators, and I said, 'Why can't we just do this show again?'" she recounted. "He emailed right back, 'We can.' Not knowing that we could, but having a feeling."

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The last original episode of Will & Grace aired more than 11 years ago, and in the years since, the show's beloved characters have moved on with their lives in one way or another. So where can fans expect to see Hayes' Jack McFarland? "Jack will be teaching a class and he has branded a new style of acting called 'Jacking,'" the actor teased. "So you'll see that."

According to Debra Messing, her character, Grace Adler, is "doing incredibly well in her professional life" when the new season picks up.

"She really has just advanced a lot and she is single and, for reasons that will be explained, Will and Grace are living together once again," Messing shared, adding that they will even be in the same apartment as before. "But it's definitely been spruced up a little bit with a little Grace Adler flair."

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Back in May 2006, the series concluded with a huge 20-year time jump, and showed Grace and McCormack's character, Will Truman, having a massive falling out that lasted years.

This rather decisive storyline put the show's creators and writers in a difficult situation when it came to re-introducing the characters during a time in which they all should have been jaded ex-friends. However, McCormack says that fans shouldn't worry about any continuity issues.

"I think we realized [that] when we were at our funniest and our loosest, was before all those [plot line] commitments, and so we're creating a very quick reason that none of those exist," McCormack explained.

Mullally offered a little bit more of a hint at what fans can expect, sharing, "All I can say is, my first line is, 'I had the craziest dream.'"

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So, with the story re-starting on essentially a clean slate, and the cast excited about the scripts, McCormack says the most difficult part of shooting the revival is simply cosmetic.

"The most challenging part at my age is sitcom lighting. I'm scared about that," he quipped. "The easiest part always is the four of us together. It is literally zero to 60 every time."

"I can't wait to get in there and just dive in," Messing added.

Check out the video below for a look at the show's first day of production, which began with a ribbon cutting ceremony, a confetti cannon, and a quick make-out session between Hayes and McCormack to get back into character.

Will & Grace
returns on Sept. 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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