EXCLUSIVE: Allison Mack on the 'Smallville' Promise That's Still Shaping Her Career

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Nearly two decades later, Smallville is still shaping Allison Mack's career.

The 35-year-old actress gathered a legion of fans while playing Chloe Sullivan on the WB/CW drama from 2001 to 2011. Her portrayal of the original character became so beloved that Chloe was later added to the Superman comic book canon -- but that's not the only way her Smallville ties have lived on.

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Mack, who has since enjoyed parts on Wilfred, The Following and American Odyssey, lends her voice to the character of Evelyn in Amazon's Lost in Oz -- which is developed and produced by Bureau of Magic's Mark Warshaw, who produced Smallville.

"[Warshaw] and I just made a promise to each other when we were working on Smallville that we would always be a part of whatever creative endeavors the other one was doing," Mack told ET over the phone on Tuesday. "So this came about, and he called me and actually initially asked me to audition for both Dorothy and Evelyn. I was like, 'Obviously, of course. You know, whatever you're doing, I'm in!' and Amazon agreed that I would be right for the project, and so off we went."

"This was so much about just working with Mark and supporting Mark. I was drawn to the project because of my relationship with him, and then falling in love with Evelyn and playing a mother of such an adventurous girl and playing a character that is a hero has been such a delight and such and interesting foray into the next evolution of my career that I haven't really connected with or touched before."

As Mack noted, if nothing else, the fact that she's now playing a mom marks the progression of her career. Seven years after Smallville's finale, however, she says she still sometimes gets recognized as Chloe, editor of the Smallville High School newspaper.

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"The character that I played was very accessible and very normal, so the fans that I have are really lovely, and people, more than anything, treat me like a friend that they've had for a long time, which is really nice and definitely a cool benefit of being such an accessible character for so long," she shared, adding that while she and her former Smallville co-stars "went our separate ways" after the series concluded, they still "love each other and support each other."

"I knew [Tom Welling] was doing something, because he had an Instagram that said, 'Back on set,'" she said of Welling's new gig as a series regular on Lucifer. "That's great!" 

As for Mack's next move, she revealed she has "a few things I'm pursuing."

"I would love to do some more work on television. I think it's just a matter of finding the right project," she confessed. "I think the biggest thing that I've learned is really how to listen to yourself and really understand how to hear your own voice and know what's right for you and what's important to you, and also to really find people and surround yourself with people to work with that believe in you."

"I think it's very easy to get very lost in the industry that we work in, and get caught up in other people's ideas of what's good for you," she continued, pausing at the thought of one day reviving Smallville like so many series seem to be doing. "I think 10 seasons is a long time. I think it would take a lot for us to come back, but, you know, never say never."

Amazon's Lost in Oz debuts Aug. 4 on Prime Video.

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