'Game of Thrones': Daenerys Unleashes Her Dragons in Most Epic Battle Yet -- Plus, Is [SPOILER] Really Dead?

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Game of Thrones
brought large-scale dragon combat to new heights on Sunday when Daenerys Targaryen and her massive Dothraki hoard devastated the Lannister army in a violent maelstrom of flaming death.

In one of the most dramatic battle scenes in recent GoT memory, Daenerys surprises the Lannister caravan with her own giant army and comes swooping in on the back of her terrifying flying steed, Drogon.

Raining down helacious fire on her enemies, Drogon wrecks great swaths of the Lannister war party, scorching soldiers right off their panicked horses, while the Dothraki do their part to massacre everyone else.

As all hope seems lost for the Lannisters, Bronn gets the scorpion crossbow up and running and fires a bolt at Drogon, which misses. Circling around, Daenerys charges toward Bronn for the kill, but he manages to get a second shot off that badly wounds the beast and forces Daenerys to land and dismount, so she can attempt to remove the massive arrow.

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Taking his one opportunity to end Daenerys' attack -- and Daenerys herself -- Jaime Lannister rides toward her with a lance, intent on impaling the Mother of Dragons as she tends to her beast's wound.

However, things don't go exactly as planned. It turns out Drogon has a bit more life in him than Jamie was expecting, and he bellows a pillar of fire directly at the charging Kingslayer.

At the last moment, Bronn rides up and leaps off his horse to tackle Jaime into the lake before he gets roasted alive. But while Bronn saved him from certain, immediate death, the Lannister warrior may not actually be safe. The last we see of him, Jaime is sinking into the water as his heavy armor weighs him down, pulling him deeper into the inky abyss.

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Is this really the end of Jaime? Unceremoniously killed off by drowning in a random lake after not getting killed by a dragon? Given his popularity and importance to basically everything in the story, it's not likely, but things certainly don't look good.

It's also unclear if Bronn is set to drown alongside his buddy, how badly wounded Drogon is, or how Drogon's injuries will affect the battle or Daenerys' mentality as she makes her push for the Iron Throne.

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