Westeros Weekly: Dax Shepard Talks 'Game of Thrones' Sexual Tension and Why Dany & Jon Should 'Get Horizontal'


'GoT' super fan Dax Shepard has A LOT to say about why Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen need to start making out!

From epic reunions to unexpected showdowns, Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones was on fire -- literally! -- and we're breaking it all down on Westeros Weekly!

It's no secret that Dax Shepard and his wife, Kristen Bell, are GoT's biggest celebrity super fans. Not only did they show off their Stark family pride at the season six premiere event, the couple also took their passion for Westeros one step further and filmed their own hilarious version of the drama's iconic opening sequence!

So when we recently caught up with Shepard on the set of a top-secret Funny or Die project, we asked the 42-year-old actor to take on our Wildfire Fast Five quiz -- and apparently he's a big fan of the smoldering sexual tension between Daenerys and Jon.

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"My soul obsession is how soon after Jon Snow and Khaleesi meet will they kiss and get horizontal? That's almost all I care about at this point for season seven," he admitted to our cameras. "I feel like there's sexual tension that's been bubbling for years, even before we've ever seen them together, but you can feel the tension. It's palpable."

Wildfire Fast Five With Dax Shepard:

1. Who's your favorite character and why?

The Hound. I love characters who you think you hate, but then you slowly fall in love with them and he checks that box for me.

2. If you could bring one character back to life, who would it be?

Ned Stark

3. Who do you think WON'T make it out of this season alive?


4. Which unlikely team-up would you like to see before the end of the series?

I don’t know how unlikely it is, but the duo I'm hoping comes together is Khaleesi and Jon Snow. I just want to see the two most attractive people on the same team.

5. Who do you think will be on the Iron Throne at the end of the season? Why?

I think Khaleesi is going to be on the Iron Throne because she's the Mother of Dragons. If you've got dragons, I think s**t is going to go your way.

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