EXCLUSIVE: 'Grey's Anatomy's' Kelly McCreary on Maggie-Jackson Romance: It 'Came Out of Nowhere'


Could Grey’s Anatomy be going all in with a potential romance between Maggie and Jackson?

The Grey Sloan colleagues have been pals for much of their time at the Seattle hospital, but in the season 13 finale, a new love triangle between Maggie (Kelly McCreary), Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) formed -- and possibly a new romance.

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McCreary opened up about the latest love triangle to form on Grey’s, sharing that Maggie and Jackson’s road to this point has been surprising, even for her.

“I had heard whisperings of it, but it took a long time to come to fruition and it kind of came out of nowhere, as much as for us actors as it did for the audience,” McCreary told ET at the Disney/ABC cocktail party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday. “But I think that’s true of some of most beloved storylines on Grey’s came out of nowhere: long-lost siblings that nobody expected and nobody knew existed, love affairs, sexual awakenings, all kinds of things.”

“I think that often the surprises, whichever direction they go in, they really serve to keep the stories rich and interesting, and the audience loves them, whether they think they knew it first or not,” she continued.

McCreary remained coy when speaking more directly about the chances of a blossoming relationship for Maggie and Jackson, but noted that no matter what, there will be more scenes this season between the two doctors.

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“Maggie and Jackson have a lot of interesting points of connection and whatever winds up happening between them, whether it’s romantic or not, we haven’t really seen them engage that much as characters,” she said. “That’ll be a great way to get to know each of them, to get a little bit more into their psyches and their histories and their desires and what makes them laugh and just get to know them a little bit better.”

In the finale, it was April -- Jackson’s ex-wife and mother of his child -- who made the pointed observation that there may be something other than friendship brewing for him and Maggie. When asked about how this impacts the inner workings at the hospital for Maggie and April specifically, McCreary expressed excitement over seeing how the personal will change their professional lives.

“Anything that gets me more scenes with Sarah Drew, who is one of my very favorite people on the planet, I’m happy to do it. I have no idea that’s going to go in, but those are two more characters who have not had a lot of meaningful interaction and this might really give us a chance to get each of them differently and better,” McCreary said. “I think it’s just ripe for a lot of really great possibilities.”

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