'Being Mary Jane': MJ Tries to Patch Things Up With Kara & Learns the Surprising Truth About Justin


Mary Jane wants her friend back.

On Tuesday's episode of Being Mary Jane, Gabrielle Union's character learns that patching things up with Kara (Lisa Duval) won't be as easy as she hopes.

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Kara's still upset with MJ over her not-so-secret romance with Justin (Michael Ealy) and she refuses to let things "blow over."

And that's not the only dilemma weighing on MJ. She's been dating Justin "for weeks," yet she feels like she doesn't know "anything about him."

Justin, who's out of town on assignment, sends MJ to his apartment to grab his passport, but she can’t resist snooping through his things. The search leads her to a box hidden in his closet (which she takes home for further inspection, and eventually returns back to his house).

Besides going through Justin's belongings, MJ finds herself defending her new beau after she overhears her Good Day USA co-worker, Dani (Victoria Staley), questioning his racial background.

Although Dani insists that the comment wasn't racist, MJ calls her an  "ill-mannered, over-privileged, under-educated simpleton."

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Scared of a potential public relations nightmare if the story leaks to the press, the bosses at GDU force MJ to make a public apology to Dani, and the entire staff.

She's also tasked with inviting her co-workers (including Dani) to her housewarming party for a photo op to prove that there's no bad blood at GDU.

MJ's attempted peace offering starts off rocky when the hired photographer snaps her flipping the middle finger behind Dani's back. While things eventually get smoothed over, MJ has to leave the party early when she learns that Kara's father is dying.

She rushes to the hospital to comfort Kara, and the gesture could be a step in mending the friendship.

But just when it seems like MJ put out one fire, another ignites when she discovers that Justin is quietly worth $30 million. Of course, confronting him would mean admitting that she snooped through his stuff, and it may not be worth the risk.

Being Mary Jane airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on BET.

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