EXCLUSIVE: '13 Reasons Why' Cast Dishes on Season 2: 'We're All Heading in Some Dark Directions'

The stars of the Netflix teen drama say the focus after season one is all about recovery.

13 Reasons Why is not a show that shies away from difficult subjects.

The stars of the Netflix teen drama, Katherine Langford, Dylan Minnette and Steven Silver, talked to ET's Katie Krause at Variety's Power of Young Hollywood event sponsored by H & M in Los Angeles this week, where they dished on what fans can expect in season two, and while keeping those spoilers locked down, they did seem to indicate an intense road ahead for the students in the wake of Hannah's suicide.

"It kicks off a few months after season one," Minnette revealed. "This season particularly is a lot about recovery."

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"It's naturally going to progressively get to a more emotional place, due to the nature of the story we're telling," the 20-year-old actor added. "I'm sure we're all heading in some dark directions again. I think anybody would be surprised if we weren't."

"This season feels like a very different show," Langford shared, saying that it's not only because of where the story goes, but the lengths the team has had to go to stop secrets from getting out.

"Everyone wants to very much protect the story and the content of the story 'cause that makes the TV show engaging," Langford explained.

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And obviously, with the traumatic incident that season one was built around, the follow-up episodes will focus on broadening the lens to all of the students and how Hannah's death impacted their lives.

"It's juicy.. that's the word I'll come up with," Silver said. "This season we can kinda hit the ground running 'cause we did a lot of that framework in season one."

The other big change is the plot is no longer tied to the book of the same name that the first season was based on.

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"Season two is all original content -- we're starting from scratch and you can see some of the other characters develop that were not so developed in season one or in the book," Silver added. "You can see more of an ensemble."

As far as Selena Gomez's involvement with the show as a producer, Silver confirmed that her creative leadership is still very much a presence on set.

"She's always involved," he said. "She's always checking in, she's always making important decisions, giving important notes. So, she's boss. I love her."

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13 Reasons Why returns in 2018.

Watch the video below for more from the cast on filming season two.