EXCLUSIVE: 'Below Deck Mediterranean' Stars Malia White and Adam Glick Clear Up Their Pre-Show Relationship


The first-ever reunion special airs Tuesday night on Bravo.

Grab a life vest, because the first-ever Below Deck Mediterranean reunion is headed for some choppy seas.

ET has your exclusive first look at the all-cast sit-down with Andy Cohen, which finds deckhand Malia White in the hot seat when it comes to her relationships with chef Adam Glick and her direct supervisor, bosun Wes Walton. Malia dated both men simultaneously on the show, which led many viewers to think she was leading them both on -- something Andy confronts her about.

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“That’s fair,” Malia admits. “I think I did my fair share of leading them on, but honestly, this situation when you’re on a yacht for six weeks? Your emotions are so heightened and everything is like, it’s so extreme. We don’t get to interact with people outside. We don’t get to have dates, and just go off and be ourselves and find out who we are without cameras.”

“I genuinely had feelings for both of these guys,” she adds. “They’re both amazing guys for very different reasons.”

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In the end, Malia wound up being more interested in Wes than Adam, even though she and Adam had a “physical relationship” off-camera, before the charter season started. Though, that relationship wasn’t as intimate as Adam made it seem.

“It was a heavy kiss,” he says.

“Adam and I have never had sex, if anyone’s wondering,” Malia jumps in.

The sneak peek ends with Andy asking the duo how they classify “sex,” but you’ll have to tune into the full episode to see what happens next. Below Deck Mediterranean’s reunion special airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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