EXCLUSIVE: Who Are Kameron Westcott and D'Andra Simmons? Get to Know the New 'Real Housewives of Dallas' Stars

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There’s fresh blood in the Big D -- at least on TV.

The Real Housewives of Dallas
returns to Bravo on Monday night with not one, but two new ‘Wives: D’Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott. The ladies joined ET for Housewives Happy Hour ahead of their RHOD debut, opening up about their lives and spilling some secrets about season two. Here’s what you need to know.

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They’ve got deep Dallas roots.

Unlike the rest of the cast, D’Andra was actually born and raised in Dallas.

“I am a fifth generation Dallas-ite,” she proudly shares. “I wanted people to see what really, true Dallas was about. It was portrayed last season, but I think we're gonna bring a little bit different aspect, 'cause we live in a different part of Dallas and our families have known each other for a long time.”

Kameron is a transplant from Montecito, California, but she’s been in Dallas for over a decade, first moving to DFW for college at SMU and later marrying into a family that’s been in Dallas for as long as D’Andra’s has.

“A lot of people in my life told me not to do the show,” Kameron admits. “But I want America to see … what Dallas [is] really like.”

They’re very rich, b****h.

Yes, we saw some money on season one of RHOD -- but now, get ready to see MONEY.

On the first episode, D’Andra describes herself as “a wealthy girl,” while co-star Cary Deuber explains that there are rich people and then there are wealthy people who write rich people’s checks -- and Kameron falls into that “wealthy” category. Both women have staff at their homes, which are located in one of Dallas’ most exclusive (and most expensive) neighborhoods, Highland Park.

“Some [people] don't like [us], 'cause we're from Highland Park and we're judged,” Kameron shares.

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Both have genuine connections to the group.

Unlike some new ‘Wives thrown into other cities, D’Andra and Kameron actually know the women in the cast -- and know them well. In addition to being neighbors themselves, D’Andra has been pals with Cary and LeeAnne Locken for more than 10 years. It was D'Andra's wedding that became a point of contention between LeeAnne and Cary at the season one reunion. 

“I think I'm friends with everyone, but you never know until you see the episode,” D’Andra teases. “[Then] you're like, whoa! Oh, she really doesn’t like me.”

While they wouldn’t name names, D’Andra and Kameron say season two’s biggest pot-stirrer is on the younger side… with red hair. Of course, there’s only one co-star who fits that description: Brandi Redmond. The ladies describe the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader as a “wild spitfire.”

Reality TV was not what they expected it to be.

While D’Andra dabbled in docuseries previously (she appeared on TLC’s short-lived show, Sheer Dallas, in the early 2000s), Housewives was a different animal.

“It was much more than I expected it to be,” D’Andra confesses. “Much more.”

“I really was a deer in headlights,” Kameron adds, calling the filming process “confusing.”

“People's behaviors confuse me every day,” she says. “Like, we'll be hanging out and something will happen and I'm like, what? Did that really just happen? We were just, like, friends! I've never been around with a group of women where there's so much drama.”

D’Andra compares the experience to riding a bucking bull, noting that, “There's a couple people on the show that can mow you down in like 15 seconds flat.”

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Expect them to up the show’s fashion game.

Don’t get it wrong, the season one ladies definitely brought style -- but Kameron and D’Andra do beauty on another level.

“You know, there's always new hair extensions to put in, and eyelashes and all those kind of things,” D’Andra says. “[As for] wardrobe, I love clothes. One of the things -- my mother thinks I can't manage money, because I like to shop, which doesn't mean I'm not a good businesswoman. It’s two different bank accounts, OK?”

“D'Andra and I had so many clothes to begin with that we actually had so much stuff to work with that we actually didn't have to do much shopping,” Kameron adds.

“We do have some of the same clothes,” D’Andra notes.

While Kameron’s wardrobe is made up of designers from all over the world, there is one commonality: pink. Yes, just like Lisa Vanderpump, Kameron has a signature color.

“I've always loved pink,” she confesses. “When I moved to Dallas, though, it just enhanced. Everything was just on fire, because Dallas is such a fashion-forward city. The shopping's amazing.”

They’ve got passions to promote.

Speaking of pink, Kameron will soon launch her own line of organic, pink dog food. As for D’Andra, she’s partners in a family business, a successful supplement and skincare line. She’s also the first Housewife with a military spouse.

“My husband's a veteran,” she shares. “I'm a very big supporter of veterans' causes.”

Get to know Kameron and D’Andra more each week by watching The Real Housewives of Dallas every Monday night on Bravo at 10 p.m. ET, right after The Real Housewives of Orange County. For the latest on that show, check out our chat with Vicki Gunvalson in the player below.