Sterling K. Brown on Fears of 'This Is Us' Sophomore Slump and Secrecy Over Season 2 Premiere's Final Scene

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Sterling K. Brown isn't afraid of a sophomore slump -- at least not anymore.

The Emmy-nominated This Is Us actor chatted with the Los Angeles Times on Friday, where he recalled wondering if they could keep the momentum going after a great first season run.

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"I had this little bit of trepidation," Brown expressed. "We had a really good first season. Is there going to be a sophomore slump? And then you read what [creator] Dan Fogelman writes, and you're like, 'No, we're good.' That man is amazing, and as long as he is helming the ship, we gonna be aight."

The cast is currently filming season two of the Emmy-nominated series, yet when they were first given the script for the first episode, the final scene was "omitted for secrecy."

"[Fogelman] omitted the last scene, and I know why he did it," Brown shared. "He's done it for two scripts thus far. He's omitted the last scenes for secrecy and I understand why."

So, is​ i​t​ hard for him to keep the details to himself, even when his wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe, works with him on the drama?​ Bathe played ​Yvette, a mother of a boy young Randall befriends at the pool, in a handful of episodes.

"She is on the show, and if she asks me, sometimes I'll tell her," he confessed. "But sometimes I just want everybody to experience it. People always act like, 'What happened to Jack?' and I'm like, 'You really want to know? You really want me to tell you?' and sometimes they'll be like, 'nah,' because they know that it would ruin it for them."

As far as learning how to keep spoilers to himself, Brown stated that being part of Marvel's Black Panther is the "pinnacle of secrecy training."

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​Viewers have a lot to look forward to in the new season of This is Us​. Brown ​shared that "Kate starts singing and it's got its own trials and tribulations."

"It also brings up a lot of stuff between her and her mother because her mother was a chartreuse as well," he dished. "Kevin is dealing with a new opportunity to be in front of the camera and also trying to balance that with his relationship with Sophie, which is to me, as an actor who has a family and has a character, is an interesting journey to see him go through."

Meanwhile,​ Jack and Rebecca​'s storyline​ "will pick up right where they left off, the day after he left the house. We see how or if they are able to make their way back to each other."

For even more on what to expect on season two of This Is Us, watch the video below.

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