David Bowie Makes a Posthumous 'Twin Peaks' Cameo -- See David Lynch's Tribute to the Late Rock Star

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David Lynch
paid tribute to David Bowie on Sunday, after the late star made a posthumous cameo appearance in the latest episode of Twin Peaks: The Return.

After the original series ended in 1991, Lynch directed Fire Walk With Me in 1992, a feature film that served as a cryptic prequel to the beloved surreal drama. Bowie briefly appeared in the film, playing the mentally unhinged FBI agent Phillip Jeffries.

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The rock icon, who died in January 2016, was reportedly supposed to play a part in the current revival series, but was unable to film his scenes before his death.

However, he still made an appearance in Sunday's episode -- through the use of archival footage shot for Fire Walk With Me -- in a scene that was part of a dream sequence FBI agent Gordon Cole (played by Lynch) described to Albert Rosenfield (played by the late Miguel Ferrer, who died in January after completing production on his scenes for the series).

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The scene was brief, but the decision to use footage of the late icon instead of re-casting his character served as a sort of tribute to Bowie's legacy. Lynch also honored the rocker with a note at the end of credits, dedicating the episode to his memory.

For more on the unexpected, groundbreaking cult phenomenon of Twin Peaks, check out the video below.

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