Tyler Perry on How Long He Plans to Continue Doing Madea Movies (Exclusive)

Tyler Perry returns as the gun-slinging grandma in 'A Madea Homecoming.'

The world hasn’t seen the last of Tyler Perry’s iconic, gun-slinging grandma, Mabel "Madea" Earlene Simmons!

Just when fans thought Perry stepped out of the wig and housecoat for the last time in 2019, Madea's back, in Tyler Perry's A Madea Homecoming, and she may be here to stay.

“Listen, I thought it was over this last time,” Perry told ET’s Kevin Frazier at the film’s premiere on Tuesday. “So, I’ve decided not to say anything. Just let it be.”

Perry promised that he "officially hung up" the character with 2019’s Madea Family Funeral. But when the world needed some laughter, the 52-year-old knew it was time to step back into the housecoat and bring back the character everybody knows and loves.  

“It's really amazing in a sense of twenty-something years seeing this character still rocking on,” he said. “It means people are watching nostalgia for this grandmother.” 

“I'm really excited about that for people get to see it and laugh," he added. "Man, we need to laugh.”  


The film, which is the 12th installment, follows Madea as she tries to plan a celebratory party for her great-grandson. The party could be over as soon as it began, as family secrets threaten to ruin the event.  

In the film, Perry not only reprises his role as Madea, but also her foul-mouthed brother, Joe, and serving as the director and two characters made for some fun times on the set. “I've got some many different facets in my brain,” Perry said. “Every one of them I know it's probably for people watching the movie, but in real life it just seems normal.”  

While it may seem normal to him, some of the film’s stars admit they were in shock to see him work. “He flows seamlessly between Uncle Joe, Madea, and Tyler Perry,” Brandon Black, who plays Tim, shared. 

“He’s in full drag and a booming man voice is directing and telling people to move the camera this way and that way and then to a female voice, then back to a normal voice, then he’s right in there back to Madea," he added.

“As the actor, you just kinda, like pause, as he’s directing because he’s going to go right back to you in the same shot," Black noted. "He’s not gonna call cut. It’s intense, but it is really inspiring to see someone that good at all of their jobs.”  

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming premieres on Netflix on Friday.