Uma Thurman Plays a Hustler With a Gambling Problem in 'The Con Is On' Trailer (Exclusive)

ET has the first trailer for the R-rated comedy, which co-stars Tim Roth, Maggie Q, Alice Eve and Sofia Vergara.

"My wife has a gambling problem. The problem is she's no bloody good."

In The Con Is On, Uma Thurman plays a hustler named Harriet who, well, isn't actually that great at hustling. After landing in hot water over some stolen money, Harriet and her husband (played by Tim Roth) go on the run from a vengeful gangster. "We need some work," Harriet says in this exclusive trailer, at which point her hubby adds, "And loads of money."

Thus, the two hatch a plan to steal a multimillion-dollar diamond ring off a ditzy celebutante (Alice Eve). If the heist at the center of director James Haslam's comedy sounds similar to the one in Ocean's Eight, the players could not be more different: Thurman is The Hustler, Roth is The Drunk, Sofia Vergara is The Honey Pot and Maggie Q is The Killer. The trailer is packed with hijinks, murder and oodles of mayhem, and culminates in a telepathic fight with a Chihuahua.


Here is the movie's official synopsis:

"This stylish, star-studded caper comedy stars Uma Thurman (KILL BILL franchise) as Harriet and Tim Roth (THE HATEFUL EIGHT) as Peter, a con-artist couple cooking up a jewel-theft scam in L.A. to pay off sexy gangster Irina (played by Maggie Q). Having squandered Irina's loot one drunken night, Harriet and Peter escape to Hollywood (and Chateau Marmont), where they plot to steal a priceless jewel from Peter's loopy ex-wife (Alice Eve) to repay the debt. The dazzling cast also includes Parker Posey and Sofia Vergara.

The Con Is On is in select theaters and available On Demand on May 4.


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