'UnREAL' Season 3 Trailer Is Finally Here -- Plus, Find Out When It Premieres!


Men, more men and man buns -- that's what season three of UnREAL is all about!

The Lifetime series' long-awaited third season will premiere on Feb. 26, and to celebrate, the network released a brand new trailer filled with plenty of "television gold."

This time, it's a smart, new suitress (Caitlin FitzGerald) in the driver's seat (get it? because of last season's car crash) as Quinn (Constance Zimmer) and Rachel (Shiri Appleby) struggle to keep up. And Everlasting's men don't disappoint, either.

"I thought women were dramatic," Quinn quips in the clip as she watches the suitors engaged in a fistfight. 

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"It's much stronger than it was in the second season," Appleby told ET of season three's storytelling in August. "We got such praise and such support and love out of the first season and the second season didn't live up to the expectations. So you really want to come out of the gate to show that we learned from our mistakes."

"The show is based on having a commentary on feminism. So how do we bring that commentary back? And I thought [showrunner Stacy Rukeyser] did a really good job -- the show's really about, in the third season, whether a successful woman can attract a man, and if you need to dumb yourself down to make yourself attractive -- so at least it was a conversation I was really interested in," she continued. "I felt everybody was interested in it. And I'm curious to see how they continue the dialogue in the fourth season."

See more on the show in the video below.