'Upload' Season 2 First Look: Nora Gets a New Assignment and She's Not Happy About It (Exclusive)

ET exclusively premieres a sneak peek from the first episode, dropping March 11.

Time to get the download on Upload.

In season 2 of the Amazon Prime Video series, Nathan (Robbie Amell) is at a crossroads in his (after)life when his ex-girlfriend, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), unexpectedly arrives to Lakeview hoping to strengthen their relationship. But, as the heartbreaking freshman finale revealed, his heart still secretly yearns for his customer service "angel," Nora (Andy Allo). The new chapter finds Nora, meanwhile, off the grid and involved with the anti-tech rebel group, The Ludds.

In ET's exclusive first look at the new season's premiere episode, Nora -- who's acclimated to life outside the Horizon walls -- gets a new job assignment sprung on her by Matteo (guest star Paulo Costanzo), leader of the Ludds. When he breaks the news that they want her to go back to Horizon to act as a secret double agent. The proposal stuns Nora.

"What? Who's we?" Nora asks, clearly unhappy by the turn of events. Viewers will remember that Nora didn't exactly have a pleasant ending at the end of season 1, when Nathan -- after using up all his data for the month -- froze just as he was about to express his love for her. 

"The leadership. We talked. We all agree you'd be a huge asset, Nora," Matteo pitches.

"Is that what you want?" she follows up. "For me to go home?"

"What I want is irrelevant. It's what's best for the movement," Matteo answers, stumbling over his answers.

Disappointed by his response, she brushes it off (for now) as she reluctantly agrees. "OK, the last time I was in New York, people tried to kill me," she reminds them. And she's assured "this time" she'll be safe with a new burner phone and brand new place to live.

"But you'll be working with one of our best agents in the field: Agent Cheeto," Matteo says seriously.

"Cheetah?" she clarifies.

"Cheeto. He's a character...," Matteo replies, before going off to grab this Cheeto character.

But one of the reasons behind Nora's hesitance at taking on her new undercover assignment isn't because of her fear of revisiting the past. It may have something to do with Matteo... maybe. Watch ET's exclusive clip above to see what happens next.

Ahead of the series' launch in 2020, creator Greg Daniels spoke with ET about balancing the different tonal shifts in Upload while grounding it in a comedic reality.

"Surprise is very important for comedy," he said at the time. "When I pitched the show five years ago [in 2015], I was saying it's a philosophical romantic comedy, science-fiction murder mystery and I probably left out horror. I could have put horror in too. I think it's great to have a lot of different things so that people don't exactly know where you're going at any one moment and it allows them to be taken off-guard and be surprised. I think that's a pleasurable thing. As an audience member, it's fun to not be able to get ahead of the story and know exactly what's about to happen."

Upload premieres Friday, March 11 on Amazon Prime Video.

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