'Vanderpump Rules': See What Led to Stassi Asking Beau to Decide Between Her and Kristen (Exclusive)

Kristen Doute at a Witches of WeHo wine event on 'Vanderpump Rules.'

ET her your exclusive first look at the Witches of WeHo's wine party face-off.

Witches of WeHo, dunzo. Officially.

ET has your exclusive first look at this week's Vanderpump Rules, which finds former SUR-vers Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Kristen Doute hosting a wine tasting event for their Witches of WeHo-branded beverage, despite the fact that Katie and Stassi aren't really speaking to Kristen. The group is gathered at a restaurant, where Kristen chats up Stassi's boyfriend, Beau Clark, whom she actually introduced to Stassi. She looks around the venue and notes how all the friends she had when she first met Beau are still around, years later. Then, she point-blank asks Beau if he and she are still friends, despite her falling out with Stassi.

"Of course we’re still friends," he answers. "Can I come up and give you the biggest hug, as I would normally do? Maybe not."

"So, you can’t be my friend because Stassi doesn’t like me?" she asks back.

"I can’t help but, like, stare at this conversation over here," Stassi tells Katie, looking at Beau and Kristen from across the room. "I forgave Kristen for really bad s**t, something that most people would never forgive someone for. So, Beau, are you that concerned with you and Kristen’s friendship? What, are you concerned about being able to go to lunch together alone?"

That "bad s**t" would, of course, be Kristen sleeping with Stassi’s then-boyfriend Jax Taylor. (See season 2 if you need a refresher.)

Watch the full clip here:

"I'm annoyed with him, so hard,” she says of Beau, before marching over to interrupt Kristen and Beau's chat. Before she gets to them, Beau tries to explain his point of view to Kristen, but he's a little tongue-tied. He's in the middle of planning his proposal to, and subsequent surprise engagement party for, Stassi, and deciding on whether Kristen should be there. His beating around the bush leads Kristen to declare, "So, you’re afraid of her."

"I just really want to make sure I'm making the right decision," Beau says in a confessional. "Even though I know Stassi said they’re not friends, if Kristen and Stassi make up, they’re gonna look back on it and wish that Kristen was there."

"What is the problem? What is the problem? What is the problem?" Stassi asks repeatedly as she breaks up the conversation.

"I'm just trying to talk to my friend," Kristen tells her, to which Stassi fires back with, "My boyfriend."

"This is inappropriate, inappropriate at a wine party," Kristen says, exiting the situation.

"I get that Stassi wants to put an end to Witches of WeHo, but I’m here to promote a business and I’m certainly not going to ruin all of that because she’s insecure," she adds in a confessional.

Ari Perilstein / Getty Images for Nocking Points Wines

When ET spoke with Kristen last month, she wasn’t confident that things could be repaired between the formerly-close trio.

"I feel like the more episodes that air, and the more emotions that I have about it, the further we are pulling away from each other," she shared. "I just don’t have an answer as to whether or not this is something that can be salvaged. I always have hope. I’m trying to just lead with kindness, and own my mistakes and own responsibility, and be responsible for my words and my actions. But, I’m human, too, and I have feelings and emotions. It was really hard for me, not having them around. I’ve said this before -- and I’ll say it a million times -- I’m watching with everyone else, so... I kinda know how the season will end."

"I definitely see how the toxicity of having a friend go through a hard breakup, and not seeing their point of view," she admitted. "But unfortunately, that was my lesson to learn and I will always stand by, that was my lesson to learn, in my own time. I can respect Katie and Stassi needing time away from that, 'cause at the end of the day, they have their own lives to live, as well, and they can’t be dragged through my mud. It’s just not the way that I am. Something that I’m having to accept is that not everyone is going to do things the way that I do them or see them. I would never ditch a friend, I never have. But we are all different people, so I don’t know."

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.