Vanessa Grimaldi Sets the Record Straight on Her Dating Life After Split From Nick Viall (Exclusive)

ET also grilled members of Bachelor Nation on whether they're headed to 'Bachelor Winter Games.'

Bachelor star Vanessa Grimaldi believes her ex, Nick Viall, is set to slay the acting world!

“That’s what he wants to do and anything he puts his head to, he's going to succeed at, so I wish him all the best,” the reality star told ET’s Katie Krause at KIIS FM's iHeart Radio Jingle Ball 2017 in Los Angeles, California, on Friday.

Grimaldi and Viall announced they were ending their engagement in August, but remain on good terms and continue to support each other.

“The breakup wasn’t easy, but it was important for me still to have a good relationship with him after we broke up,” Grimaldi shared. “That was an important thing for the both of us and we both very much support each other. [We talk] every once in a while. I have a lot of respect for Nick.”

Grimaldi confirmed she’s currently single and enjoying “doing my thing,” with no plans to take part in ABC’s upcoming Bachelor Winter Games.

As for who is joining the series, ET checked in with other Bachelor Nation members, including Dean Unglert, who had plans to hit the beach and get breakfast with his roommates while contestants flew out to Vermont to commence filming.

However, he didn’t rule out making a cameo at some point. “I will neither confirm nor deny -- you never know, they might switch it up last second and send me out there,” he teased.

Unglert added that he’s “absolutely” looking for love right now and could even reconcile with his Bachelor in Paradise ex, Kristina Schulman, one day.

“Kristina is amazing -- she deserves the absolute best and we are not together, but I wish her the best,” he said. “Anything is possible. We both care a lot about each other, so I would say never fully close the door on anything.”

Meanwhile, Unglert’s pal and season 19 Bachelor contestant, Becca Tilley, shared that she’s “definitely” not going on Bachelor Winter Games and was doubtful about making a surprise appearance midseason.

“I don’t like the surprises, I don’t like stirring up drama and I don’t really know what it is,” she said. “I was nervous to go into something I didn’t have enough details about. I’m sure it’ll be fun -- I’m excited to watch.”

One person who did hint at an appearance was Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise’s Ashley Iaconetti.

“Sure, if they wanted me to come, I would go,” she said, before discussing what she would enjoy most about Vermont. “Just being cozy in the cabin with some of my closest friends -- being by the fire place all cozy. I’m very much looking forward to that if I’m going.”

Iaconetti further hinted at her participation in the series by dishing on how hilarious her attempts at winter sporting activities might be.

“If I go, it’s going to be extremely entertaining -- never been on skis before,” she said. “The only winter game I’ve ever participated in is hometown ice skating around the loops.”


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