'Vida' Season 3: 7 Things to Know Before Watching the Final Season

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What would familia be without a little drama?

The beloved Latinx series, Vida, returns for its third and final season this week. While it may be bittersweet to say goodbye to the Hernandez sisters and their crew, there's still a lot of story left to tell.

Emma (Mishel Prada) and Lyn (Melissa Barrera) are reveling in Vida's flourishing success, but have just discovered a major family secret that could ruin everything. Amid facing old ghosts and enemies, the sisters are also exploring new relationships, all while deciding if they should keep working together or go their separate ways.

Before you dive back into Boyle Heights and see how bar Vida is booming, here are seven things to remember before you watch the final season.

Eddy finds out Vida's husband is still alive

Probably the biggest reveal of season 2 is that Vidalia had been keeping many secrets from her wife and daughters. While working with a lawyer, Eddy (Ser Anzoategui) discovers that Vida was still married and her husband is alive. Shocked by the news, and feeling betrayed by the woman she loved, Eddy decides to go see Vida's widower. This new discovery is bound to shake things up between Eddy and, of course, Emma and Lyn.

Lyn and Johnny have a passionate night together -- and then his baby is born

Vida Season 2 Johnny and Lyn

Is this the end of Lyn and Johnny? The two had a steamy night after she drunk-dialed him after getting kicked out of the club. They couldn't get enough of one another and were even making plans for the future, when Johnny gets a call that Karla has gone into labor. Their dreams of spending the day together, going to Malibu and just being with each other quickly end and they know that their lives are never going to be the same.

Emma shares her feelings with Nico

Nico and Emma Vida Season 2

Nico and Emma's relationship has been hot and cold. When they are finally in a semi-good place, Nico's ex-girlfriend comes back into town and Emma thinks she's done with Nico for good. However, Nico lays it all on the line and tells Emma that she likes her, which then makes Emma reveal that she is also falling for Nico. The two end on a happy note, making love and seeing where their relationship takes them.

Rudy Marquez falls for Lyn

Rudy and Lyn Vida Season 3

Things have been casual and fun between Lyn and city councilman Rudy (Adrian Gonzalez), but it seems as if he wants more. While Rudy's been helping Lyn with a number of chores and requests for the bar, she realizes that perhaps she could be his "girl." Now that she knows that Johnny has to focus on his family, Rudy is the top contender in Lyn's life.

Mari is at odds with her beliefs and friendship with Emma

Mari Vida Season 2

After getting kicked out of her house when her father saw her NSFW video, Mari has been living with Emma and Lyn. Helping out around the house, Mari has started to form a semi-friendship with Emma, who has been there for her during her family fallout. However, as Los Vigilantes protest the bar's new music night, Mari tries to warn Lyn and explain gentefication to her. Torn between standing with her protest friends and helping Lyn and Emma, Mari is at odds with what side she should be on.

Baco and Emma put their differences aside

Baco Emma Vida Season 2

After a couple of quickies, Emma couldn't help but say some harsh words about their sexual encounters not meaning anything. With Baco (Raúl Castillo) feeling like he was being used, he leaves the bar and sends her a nil invoice for his handiwork. Feeling remorse, Emma then goes to Baco's home to apologize. Once there, she gets invited by his mother to stay for their family party, where she finds out he has a young son. She tells him she feels like garbage for the way she treated him and apologizes to him.

Emma tells Lyn she's proud of her

Vida Melissa Barrera Mishel Prada Season 3

As for how the two sisters are getting along? After a tumultuous second season with Emma constantly infuriated with Lyn over her spending habits and inability to grow up, the bar has a successful night. Amid the Los Vigilantes protesters, Emma can't help but tell Lyn that she's proud of her and tell her she did good. The comments shock Lyn and the season 2 finale ends with Lyn breaking down and crying of happiness.

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Season 3 of Vida premieres April 26 at 9 p.m. on Starz. 


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