'Vikings': Final 10 Episodes to Debut on Amazon Prime Video

Season 6B will premiere on Dec. 30.

Vikings is sailing over to Amazon Prime Video. The series' final 10 episodes will debut on the streamer, it was announced on Wednesday. The show previously aired on History. 

Season 6A, which aired its finale in February, ended with a battle between the Rus and Vikings, with Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) fighting for his homeland alongside King Harald (Peter Franzen) against Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) now fighting with the Rus forces in an attempt to gain control of Norway. The battle concluded with Ivar seemingly stabbing a sword through Bjorn's chest. 

"Our monumental Vikings saga is coming to its conclusion, but not before you’ve had the chance to watch some of my all-time favorite episodes," Vikings creator, executive producer and sole writer Michael Hirst said in a statement. "Prime Video will uniquely expose the series finale to a streaming audience first. Prepare to be astonished, and for many surprises along the way. And if you have tears to shed, then also be prepared to shed them."

"Prime Video has already delighted Prime members with all five and a half seasons of Vikings," said Brad Beale, VP of Worldwide Content Licensing for Prime Video. "On Dec. 30, Prime members in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Ireland will be the first to learn the fates of the beloved characters as the epic drama concludes in the final ten episodes."

In an interview with ET, Ludwig teased his character might not be dead -- while Hirst promised fans the ending would be "worthwhile." 

"I was quite determined that this would end strongly, properly and satisfactorily, so that all the audience is satisfied with the endings of their favorite characters, whether they live or die, that they're still happy with the logic of it and the emotion of it," Hirst said. "Because there are so many significant deaths, it was hugely emotional for me to write. I love these characters. Even some of the bad guys, and Harald Finehair is not the bad guy, but I love him so much, and I feel I've brought him back from the dead at least twice because I just couldn't bear to let him go. So, when I do kill characters off, it's a huge effort in letting go of people that I love and spent a long, long time with." 

"I hope that people will get a thrill from the storyline. There's a lot of story to come. There are a lot of surprises. There are also a lot of heartbreaks and a lot of tragedy," he added. "But in the end, I just want people to feel that it's totally and hugely satisfying. After 89 episodes, that's what I really, really hope for." 

Season 6B of Vikings will debut Dec. 30 on Amazon Prime Video.