How Celeb Seafood Hangouts Reel in the Best Catch


Celebs such as Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore are often spotted at the biggest sushi and seafood restaurants in California like Katusya and Nobu. Have you ever wondered how these high-profile restaurants get
access to the best catch? They get first pick at seafood markets and retailers like Quality Seafood Inc. in Redondo Beach.

Anthony at Quality Seafood explained to ET's Rocsi Diaz why they are still the go-to place now four generations in.

"It started in 1953. The owner's grandfather started the company, and we have the freshest seafood on the west coast -- one of the largest seafood companies on the west coast," said Anthony.

From crawfish to sushi, watch the video to see Rocsi sift through the choicest seafood bound to find its way to your favorite celebrity's plate.