Which Stars Hang Ten For the Perfect Day Off?


You might think that being a Hollywood star is like a day at the beach. Well for many celebs, surfing is the perfect hobby and ideal workout when they're not on the job. Which stars are most likely to grab a board this Summer?

Matthew McConaughey, Andrew Garfield and Rob Lowe are among the famous surfer dudes who just can't resist the California waves.

"If I'm driving into the set and the waves are amazing and the conditions are great, [I want to] bang my head against the steering wheel," Lowe admits.

Cameron Diaz hangs ten for the perfect full body workout and even flaunted her beach bod and surfing skills in Charlie's Angel's Full Throttle.

And for pro-skater and avid surfer Tony Hawk, growing up in Southern California made it easy to adopt the surfing lifestyle.

"I was born and raised in San Diego and in California so I was used to year-round sunny weather and beach culture," he says. "I got really spoiled."

Watch the video to learn where these stars and more catch the best surf breaks in California.