Meet the Greatest Surfer in the World


Laird Hamilton is considered by many to be the best surfer in the world. Born in San Francisco, Laird caught his first wave at age three and was hooked.

Laird told ET, "I had the fortune from a very young age to know that I wanted to be a great surfer."

Now at age 50, Laird is still considered by many to be the best and most innovative big wave rider in the world. He has reset the bar for what's achievable in the ocean by taking 100 foot waves head on, but these days he has another love.

"The latest thing I've been interested in is standup paddling. It's a great way to workout when you're not surfing and it actually makes you a better surfer," Laird said.

Laird loves paddleboards so much he invented his own line of boards called Laird Standup, and says his favorite place to hit the water is Malibu, California.

Watch the video to hear what Laird hopes his surfing legacy will be.