Hollywood's Obsession With Cars


Life is a highway and when they're not working, some of your favorite stars prefer to hit the open road! From Jay Leno to Hunter Hayes we're breaking down some of the most famous car enthusiasts and Hollywood's obsession with car culture.

When he's not selling out arenas and performing at the Grammy's, you might find country superstar Hunter Hayes racing cars.

"I'm a big car guy, always have [been]," the country crooner admits. "Anytime I get to drive anything and just have fun in a car that's like a replacement for a weeklong vacation."

Hunter joins a long list of high-profile car lovers including comedians Adam Carolla, Tim Allen and longtime car aficionado Jay Leno.

"You know when you're in show business some people think you're funny some people thing you're not, they're both right. When a car is broken and actually runs no one can say you didn't fix it," Jay explains.

And when Jay's not fixing cars, he's driving them.

"Mulholland Drive is sort of the classic [drive] through Malibu," he says of his favorite routes to drive in California. "Then of course you have highway 1 going up San Francisco."

Watch the video to see where else you might find some of your favorite stars taking in California's most scenic drives.