Watch Alex Rodriguez Slay Jennifer Lopez's Choreography With Daughter Natasha!

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Talk about being a supportive boyfriend!

Jennifer Lopez shared an adorable video on Sunday of Alex Rodriguez and his 12-year-old daughter, Natasha, trying their hand at her fierce choreography while watching her Las Vegas show, All I Have. Rodriguez can't help but crack a smile, doing his best J.Lo moves.

"This made my night ❤️❤️❤️Tashi and Daddy coming thru with the #ography #waitingfortonight #Allihave #Vegas," Lopez Instagrammed.

Jennifer Lopez Says Alex Rodriguez Romance Is the First 'Good Relationship' She's Ever Been In

Meanwhile, 42-year-old Rodriguez couldn't be prouder of his superstar girlfriend. On Monday, he shared a video of Lopez singing Journey's "Faithfully" after her show.

"Beautiful," Rodriguez gushed on Instagram.

Jennifer Lopez Adorably Gives Alex Rodriguez's Daughter Ella Singing Lessons -- Watch!

ET spoke with the legendary athlete last week at New York Fashion Week, where he talked about daughters Natasha and 9-year-old Ella's special relationship with 48-year-old Lopez

"My girls adore Jennifer," Rodriguez told ET. "She's a great role model and they want to do exactly what Jennifer does. They want to sing, they want to dance, they want to produce, they want to direct. A lot of people don't know she's also a great athlete and great business person, and for me, I'm the luckiest father in the world to be able to expose my beautiful daughters to someone as brilliant as Jennifer."

Watch below: