Watch Gugu Mbatha-Raw Face Off With Her Husband in Apple TV+'s 'Surface' Season Finale Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

ET has an exclusive sneak peek ahead of the show's highly anticipated season finale.

Season 1 of Apple TV+'s Surface will come to an end on Friday, promising a finale that may decide the fate of Sophie and James' tension-filled marriage. ET has an exclusive sneak peek ahead of the highly anticipated episode. 

"See You on the Other Side," the season’s eighth and final installment, begins calmly: Life seems a bit back to normal for Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and James (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), whose relationship has been riddled with unanswered questions about the past and cheating scandals on both sides. But then, Sophie goes missing, and her belongings are mysteriously found in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge. Viewers are left to unravel the mystery with clues from the present day and a few flashback scenes. 

In ET's clip, Sophie and James argue after she returns from an unnamed event. "You leave in the dark, you come home looking like you've been crying," James tells her. "I'm sure you can understand why that worries me."

"Yeah I get it," Sophie responds. "Everyone's always worried about me. But to be honest with you, James, you're not my biggest concern."

As she leaves to go up the stairs behind them, James tells her, "I was trying to protect you."

"That doesn’t change what happened," she says, before walking upstairs and closing the door. 

Surface's first season focused on Sophie as she recovered from a traumatic head injury which she's told was a suicide attempt. 
As she tried to connect the dots of her injury, though, Sophie began to question whether she’d been given all the pieces to her own story. The result was an elevated mystery that challenged its viewers to consider how far we can expect our own fate to take us.

Mbatha-Raw spoke with ET about the project in July, emphasizing that she couldn't wait for viewers to journey through the mystery alongside her character. 

"The audience knows as much as she does,” Mbatha-Raw said, referring to Sophie. “You're sort of immediately drawn into her world."

"It's so juicy," she said. "I mean, this show is such a thrilling mystery and it's a real psychological thriller with so many twists and turns every episode…My character not knowing her past, she essentially is the mystery."

The Surface season finale premieres Friday, Sept. 2 on Apple TV+.