Watch the 'Shark Tank' Stars Swarm the Snack Table in ET's New Series 'Let's Get Crafty'

Which shark is the hungriest? ET's first original Facebook Watch series is determined to find out.

The stars of Shark Tank have some voracious appetites, but have you ever wondered which cunning millionaire investor has the biggest sweet tooth?

In the premiere episode of ET's first original Facebook Watch series, Let's Get Crafty, our very own Lauren Zima caught up with some of the sharks at the show's craft services area, and they gave a behind-the-scenes look at Shark Tank's impressive snack table.

"A deal will run anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour, and then they have to reset," explained star Mark Cuban. "So we’ve got like six or seven minutes to kill, so 10 times a day we're walking back here just shoving food."

The expansive catering table is decked out with a slew of tasty treats -- including candy, cupcakes, and potato chips -- as well as some healthier options, like fruit, celery sticks and crackers, all of which look absolutely delicious.

"Sometimes we'll have a deal, shove more food, have a deal, have more food, then we'll go to lunch and shove more food," Cuban added. "You can tell when we start shooting and we're early in the season, because my face is thin."

Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary dished that Cuban is definitely the one who hits up the crafty table the most.

"He just can't stay away," O'Leary said. The longtime cast member claimed that his co-star's hunger extends into the show as well, explaining that when hopeful entrepreneurs present them with a potential food product to invest in, Cuban gets a little greedy.

"I can't even try the samples. He just chows everything down in front of him, and then more," O'Leary said. "He eats everything, and I mean everything. He'll eat a candle if you put it in front of him. That's a real problem."

The first season of Let's Get Crafty is heading to the succulent snack tables on the sets of some of Hollywood's biggest productions to get an inside look at what the stars are like in their natural element -- chowing down on delicious catering.

From chatting with Rob Lowe on the set of Code Black to eating treats with Logan Paul and Chloe Bennet on the set of the upcoming musical adaptation of Valley Girl, Let's Get Crafty is definitely going to be serving up some fun times.

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