Watch Steph Curry Lose His Mind -- and His Hat! -- After Sinking a Hole-In-One at Celebrity Golf Tournament

It's the first-ever hole-in-one at the 7th hole in Lake Tahoe.

Steph Curry went absolutely berserk on Saturday afternoon, and for good reason too, after burying his second-ever hole-in-one. The NBA star teed off at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and, for the first time in tournament history at the 152-yard 7th hole, bounced his shot into the hole.

After realizing the improbable feat, Curry took off his hat, flung it in the air and sprinted down the course with his hands raised in the air. Still running and his caddy and partner trailing far behind him, Curry then took the glove off of his left hand, flung it in the air and jumped with joy before finally reaching the 7th hole's flagpole.

Curry, out of breath after the long run, later told NBC Sports that it was his second-ever ace on a golf course.

"I'm locked in right now," Curry said, "but to do it on this hole is unbelievable. Wow. Wow."

Acknowledging that running 152 yards at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course is more demanding than running the length of an NBA court (94 feet), Curry said he had no qualms about being out of breath for the rest of the day.

"I'll be out of breath for the rest of the day for a good reason, though," he quipped before continuing the celebration.

Curry, an avid golfer who has hit the links with former President Barack Obama, has participated in the tournament for years. Though he's finished in the top five twice, Curry's hungry and long overdue for a win. But as hungry as he is, he recently told ET that he's trying not to psyche himself out.

"Honestly, it's just about having fun and trying to act like it's a normal round of golf," he said. "You can kind of psyche yourself out a little bit, 'No, it's a tournament.'"

But there's no beating around the bush, a super competitive Curry wants to win this thing.

"That's why I keep coming back," he quipped. "I definitely wanna win."