Watch the Trailer for Tyler Perry's New Bromance Dramedy 'Bruh'

Tyler Perry
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It’s all about the boys in Tyler Perry’s latest project, Bruh.

Streaming on BET+, the half-hour dramedy centers on a group of four 30-something black men who have been pals since their college days.

Premiering Thursday, the 24-episode series explores their brotherly bonds and support for one another as they navigate life and love.

The four friends include an architect, a doctor and a lawyer. The men are played by Barry Brewer, Mahdi Cocci, Phillip Mullings Jr. and Monti Washington.

Perry, 50, served as executive producer, creator, writer and director on the project, which will debut its first five episodes Thursday before airing one episode every week.

Bruh is the latest of Perry’s Hollywood projects, and in October, he shared how Oprah Winfrey inspired his showbiz success.

"In 2005, Oprah invited me to her Legends Ball," Perry said at the opening of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. "I saw Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Tom Cruise and Sidney Poitier, and I said, 'What am I doing here?' I didn't know I said it out loud, but Yolanda Adams was sitting next to me and she said, 'You belong here.'"

"By the end of the party I said, 'I'm going to dream bigger,'" Perry continued. "It was something about being in Oprah's house, being in her presence, seeing what a black person had accomplished -- it really, really spoke to me."

Before his speech, Perry talked to ET further about Winfrey’s impact that night of the Legends Ball.

"It's a part of everything that's happening right now,” he said. “That moment changed everything for me. The exposure of it, seeing a person of color did this -- [realizing] that I can do it."

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