Wayne Brady Dishes on the Amount of Nudity in 'American Gigolo' Series (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Brady backstage at the African American Film Critics Association TV Honors Saturday.

Wayne Brady is getting real about how steamy things got on the set of his new series, American Gigolo. ET spoke to Brady backstage at the African American Film Critics Association TV Honors, where he was a presenter Saturday night, about just how much nudity was involved in the making of the Showtime series.

"The scenes that I am in are not steamy at all, because I play Jon's best friend, and so, I help move the story along, but I will say that there are a couple pool side scenes where, well, folks are just naked so if you don't like folks being naked, don't watch American Gigolo," Brady revealed. "But something tells me if you're watching American Gigolo, you should not be averse to a little bit of nudity."

While the nudity is par for the show's plot line, it did take a little getting used to for Brady.

"It took me a second to get used to it," he admitted. "When I’m saying my line, and all of a sudden you got guys just walking by, 'Flip, flop, flip, flop, and girls go, 'Bloop, bloop, bloop, flip, flop, boom, boom,' and I'm like, 'Oh, okay, this is a day at work, I'm just gonna look up here.'"

In the show, Wayne plays Lorenzo, the best friend of main character, Julian Kaye (Jon Bernthal). Julian finds himself in the modern-day Los Angeles sex industry after being released following a 15-year prison stint for a wrongful conviction. Struggling to find his footing, Julian will have to lean on Lorenzo to navigate both the sex industry and his complicated, personal relationships.

As for Lorenzo, Brady said his character is complex and will keep the audience guessing until the last episode.

"Lorenzo is -- you don't know about him," the Let's Make a Deal host explained. "You don't know when the season starts off, is he really Julian a.k.a. Jon Bernthal's friend? Is he really on a side? Did I have a hand in the events that happened to Julian? Am I really with him? Why am I so guarded? Is it all a lie?"

"And I think to be able to play a character that keeps the audience guessing until the last episode -- that’s a gift," Brady added.

American Gigolo premieres Sept. 9 on Showtime.