'Wednesday' Season 2: Hunter Doohan Praises Jenna Ortega and Teases Tyler’s Next Chapter (Exclusive)

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Wednesday's Hunter Doohan has nothing but praise for his co-star, Jenna Ortega. ET's Deidre Behar spoke to Doohan at the Gold Meets Golden event in Los Angeles Saturday, where he teased what's next for his character, Tyler.

"Coming back," Doohan said of Tyler's fate in season 2. "Can't really say anything else besides that, but I'm so excited to go back."

While Doohan's lips are sealed on the hit show's second season, he did share that he has not seen any scripts yet.

"I'm not even hiding anything. I really don't know," he quipped. As for what's next for Tyler, Doohan said he's hoping to explore Tyler's two very different sides -- the monster and the real version of him.

"I'm really excited, because now that Tyler's secret is out of the bag, I'm excited for season 2 to kind of explore him fighting between the monster and the real version of him," Doohan shared. "And also, he doesn't have his master, Christina Ricci, anymore, so what's he gonna be like? I don't know."

Although Ricci's fate on Wednesday is unclear after that shocking season 1 finale, Doohan is hopeful the Casper actress will return.

As for Ortega and the success of the show -- both on Netflix and on TikTok -- the 29-year-old actor said he couldn't be happier for the Scream VI star.

"I'm so happy," Doohan gushed. "Jenna deserves all the success in the world." 

He also praised the way the 20-year-old actress is handling the sudden influx of fame that's come with Wednesday's success, telling ET, "She's doing a stellar job, and she's getting it tenfold of what the rest of us are having to deal with."

While Wednesday only just dropped in November, it's already been renewed for a second season, after breaking records on Netflix and spawning a viral TikTok dance. Speaking to ET at the Golden Globes last month where she shared her regrets about the dance that had everyone from Lisa Rinna to Lady Gaga on their feet.

"Some of the moves I had planned, some of it was improv. That was one of the scenes I stay awake thinking about because I thought there was so much that I could have done and should have done," she confessed. "So the fact that anyone is showing appreciation and trying it themselves, it's not fathomable to me."

For more on the hit Netflix series, check out the video below.


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