Wendy Williams Gets Candid On Her Battle With Addiction (Exclusive)

The beloved talk show host is opening up about her history with substance abuse in a new interview.

Wendy Williams has faced her demons and lived to talk about it.

The daytime talk show host sat down with ET to discuss her battle with cocaine addiction and how she somehow managed to put it behind her. It was during her days in radio that she developed the troubling habit.

"I was a functioning addict though," she shared. "I would report to work on time and I walked in and all of my coworkers, and including my bosses, would know but instead of firing me, you see, I would grab my headphones and arrogantly walk into the studio and dare them fire me because I was making ratings." 

Williams also admitted during the interview that maintaining her wild lifestyle while also getting to work on time every day took work.

“[A] functioning addict has several alarm clocks, you’re organized,” she said. “It’s a miracle I was able to stop.”

Now, Williams is using her experience with addiction in an effort to help others avoid making the mistakes she made. She has partnered with The Hunter Foundation to launch the "Be Here" National Campaign designed to combat drug addiction and substance abuse in communities.

For more from Williams' candid sit-down, tune-in to Thursday's Entertainment Tonight. Check your local listings.


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