Wendy Williams Recalls Fainting on Live TV: 'It Felt Like I Was in the Middle of a Fire'

"I was dehydrated according to the paramedics."

Wendy Williams admits that she was "scared to death" after she abruptly collapsed while hosting her daytime talk show on Halloween.

The 53-year-old TV personality appeared on Friday's Good Morning America and recalled the scary incident. "I got hot," she told ABC News' Amy Robach of the tumble. "I was dehydrated according to the paramedics."

Williams added, "I'm a woman of a particular age. I'm also going through menopause."

The Wendy Williams Show host passed out while dressed as the Statue of Liberty and joked that she was still graceful when she fell to the floor. "Fall pretty, cause this will never happen again, and go down with the crown," she quipped. "For people watching, when they saw me, you know, put my head, my hand up, it's cause I'm trying to make sure my crown is there."

Williams bragged, "It was a beautiful fall. Unfortunately, we went to commercial ... so nobody saw it."

While Williams is now able to laugh off the moment, she confessed that at the time it was pretty frightening, and remembers feeling like she was overheating when the show returned from a break. 

"It felt like I was in the middle of a fire," she explained. "Starting down at my feet going all the way up to my top."

Williams continued, "Fainting is not something that I do. I got very scared, cause it was a live show."

Viewers were undoubtedly shocked to see Williams fall, but she was worried about the repercussions of her collapsing. "I was more concerned with when I fall, am I going to crack my skull?" she said. "I fell with the crown, but I fell ... booty first, then rolled onto my back, and then clunked my head on the floor."

Williams said her crew and security thought the fall was "part of a stunt," so nobody came out to help her until she "hit the ground."

As for how she's feeling days after fainting, Williams insisted, "I have no pain. My head doesn't hurt. I don't have a lump on my head. I never got one headache."

She also praised her fans for their support. "More people were concerned about me than I actually thought that they would be," she confided, showing gratitude for all the "flowers and the well wishes" she received. 

After passing out, Williams -- who claims she's never missed a day of work -- got right back up and finished the show. "You're only as good as your last performance," she proclaimed.

While Williams has repeatedly said that her collapse was due to dehydration, a production source told ET earlier this week that the people on her team are worried about her, saying that she's under a lot of stress.

The production source believes Williams is in denial about husband Kevin Hunter's alleged years-long affair with a massage therapist.

Williams addressed reports that he was cheating on her and engaged to another woman during her talk show in September, saying, "You can believe what you want, but I stand by my guy."