‘Westworld’ Season 2 Trailer Gives Extended Look at the Robot Uprising and a New Park

Westworld S2
John P. Johnson/HBO

Westworld is back -- and things are more chaotic than ever.

In the new trailer released by HBO, we get our first extended look at season two of the hit sci-fi drama, which follows the lives of the robots (aka hosts) and visitors in a Wild West-themed park.

At the end of a twist-filled first season, a robot uprising was taking hold as the androids started developing self-awareness and learned about the true state of their being. Meanwhile, the real-life people who manage everything behind the scenes were distracted by a battle of control over the park and its androids.

Backed by a cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box,” new footage shows the extent the hosts have gone to regain control over their lives, while revealing our first glimpse at new theme parks -- notably Shogun World and a possible contemporary/futuristic setting -- hinted at the end of season one.

“We hit the ground running in a way that I don't think anybody saw coming,” Evan Rachel Wood recently told ET's Brice Sander. The actress plays Dolores, a host tormented by the guest of the park and eventually becomes self-aware and kills Westworld’s founder (Anthony Hopkins). “We're going to pick up in the aftermath a bit, and we're going to see, definitely in the first episode, where Dolores is at with her many selves.”

Also teasing the cryptic nature of the new season, Thandie Newton, who plays another android, Maeve, and is on the hunt for her daughter, says she was “completely shell-shocked.”

“It was absolutely not what I thought was going to happen,” she continued.

Co-created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the show stars Wood, Newton, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris and Tessa Thompson. Gustaf Skarsgard, Fares Fares, Katja Herbers, Neil Jackson, Betty Gabriel and Jonathan Tucker also join the cast.

Westworld returns Sunday, April 22 on HBO.


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