'When Calls the Heart': Meet the Twins Who Play Baby Jack During Their First Interview! (Exclusive)

Meet Gunnar and Lincoln Taylor, the twin babies who play Baby Jack on 'WCTH.' Watch as they take over Erin Krakow's interview!

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload, #hearties! Meet Gunnar and Lincoln Taylor, the insanely adorable twin babies who play Baby Jack on When Calls the Heart.

ET was exclusively on the series’ Vancouver set in September, where we were up close and personal with the energetic little ones as they playfully crashed their TV mom’s (Erin Krakow) interview.

“As we all know, we've had some sad moments over the years on When Calls the Heart, and I have to say, these babies have brought so much joy to our entire cast and crew. Everyone lights up when they come on set,” Krakow, who plays Elizabeth Thornton, gushed, as the twins ran around the town library set. “I think it's pretty funny, they see some of our more big and burly crew members talking and ‘Goo goo ga ga’ baby talk. The babies just make everyone's hearts melt. They're the best.”

Krakow describes working with the blonde-haired, blue-eyed toddlers as “spontaneous, joyful and very loving.” In fact, despite their young age, the actress praised their intuitiveness as actors.

“One of the things I love about working with these boys is that they are very focused and involved in the scene, so often times, they'll be looking at the other characters that I'm looking at during the scene, and they stay really involved. They're making expressions similar to the ones that I'm making,” Krakow explained. “When we started season six, it felt like Lincoln started off much more outgoing, and then Gunnar became the more outgoing one by the end of the season. Their personalities have kind of flip flopped a bit.”

But of course, Krakow acknowledges that working with such young stars can be challenging at times. “A typical day on set with the babies is joyful, it's cuddly. There's lots to smile about, [but] occasionally, there are a few tears,” she revealed. “We've had to wake the babies up from nap time a couple times and that's not their preference, but for the most part, it's really really nice.”

It seems there’s also plenty of content for an epic blooper reel! “There have been some super cute, funny moments on set. I don't remember which [baby] it was, but one of the babies just reached up and stuck his whole fist in my mouth at one point, so that was pretty cute. They always bring a smile to our faces, we're very lucky to have you,” Krakow said, smiling at her on-screen sons.

When Calls the Heart season seven will premiere in early 2020 on Hallmark Channel. ET was exclusively on the Vancouver set back in September, and will have even more exciting news about what's to come in the following weeks! But until then, watch the video below to see the cast answer one another's burning questions!

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