Where Prince Harry and Prince William's Relationship Stands Ahead of Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee

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Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee is just around the corner but the jury's still out on if both of her grandsons will be in attendance. 

A source tells ET that despite a report that Prince William banned Prince Harry from his birthday, there have been no engagements where Harry has been "banned." He hasn't been banned from celebrating his grandmother at her Platinum Jubilee in June either -- which will mark 70 years of service for the queen, 95, who ascended the throne in 1952 at the age of 25.

In fact, it's quite the opposite, with the source sharing that Harry was invited to Prince Philip's service of thanksgiving next week even though he has indicated he won’t be attending.

The judicial case related to Harry's security, in which he's seeking hire and pay for private security for him and his family in the U.K., has not been resolved and is still under review, which might be why he's choosing not to attend a few events in his home country, despite his plans to attend the Invictus Games in The Hague in the Netherlands next month.

ET royal expert Katie Nicholl said Harry's absence raises questions about his relationship with his family.

"This, has of course, raised questions about relationships with his family and even with the queen, who he was once so close to. We know that Prince Harry was totally able to come over to the United Kingdom, he obviously feels he can't because of the security situation with his family," Nicholl shared. "But he's come over very safely before, he did it twice last year. and he's coming over for the Invictus Games, so, I think a lot of people are wondering why he can't be there for such an important family occasion, given he hasn't seen the queen since last summer."

That rift still appears to be there between the brothers, with the source telling ET that the relationship between the once inseparable brothers remains "complicated," sharing that the pair lead "very separate lives," which is the very reason Nicholl shared that Harry wasn't invited to his brother's birthday.

"William didn't invite Harry to a party at Kensington Palace following the unveiling of Diana's statue to thank some of those who had been involved in actually getting the statue to happen, and I think the idea that everything is going to be fine and he's going to have Harry at his 40th birthday is simply not going to happen," Nicholl added. "It's very obvious that this is now a distant relationship. It's very clear this is a distant relationship. There is an ocean between them. There is a lot of unresolved issues and it's simply not the case that we are going to see happy family reunions."

Another source tells ET, "The family is still concerned about what private family matters may be revealed in Harry’s upcoming memoir and that creates a complicated situation." 

Harry has been working on a memoir, due out in late 2022, which will share, for the very first time, "the definitive account of the experiences, adventures, losses and life lessons that have helped shape him."

"Family members are still concerned about speaking candidly. Even a year after the Oprah Winfrey interview, there is still hurt and disappointment," the source added.

Despite the issues that exist between William and Harry and within the royal family as a whole, the source said that the pair is committed to carrying on their mother's legacy.

"William and Harry remain committed to carrying on their mother’s legacy and that is a bridge that ultimately could help mend fences," the source shared. "Despite the issues that exist, Harry has said he still loves his brother, and the family will always love Harry. The queen is extraordinarily fond of her grandson and Harry has enormous respect for Her Majesty."


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