Why a 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Argued with Pat Sajak Over Unsolved Puzzle

Sometimes, you just don't get the letter you need, and sometimes the category throws you for a loop.

Sometimes, the Wheel of Fortune just doesn't spin in your favor. This proved too true for one contestant during the bonus round last week.

In an episode that aired on Jan. 26, Ben from California was competing in the bonus round, with the category Fun & Games. After having the misfortune of having only a few letters filled in with which to solve the puzzle, Ben was at a loss.

In fact, his best guess was "Taunt a Wacky Guy" -- which was obviously not correct for many reasons.

However, when the solution was revealed as "Taking a Quick Jog," Ben had some choice words for the puzzle's category.

"Wow, that was so unclose," host Pat Sajak joked. "You just didn't have the letters."

"Well, see, I just don't consider jogging fun and games," Ben shot back, with a sarcastic edge, before cutting the tension with a hilariously awkward thumbs-up.

While Ben walked away with more than $18,000 despite not winning the bonus round, many online agreed that he'd been misled by a poor choice in category wording.

Even the show itself, which shared a clip of the mildly awkward exchange, seemed to agree, captioning the post, "He has a point 🤔😂."

And users were quick to jump into the comments to agree.

"Nobody considers that fun and games that’s fitness, come on," one user wrote, while another added, "Yes, it should've been the "what are you doing?" period!"

"AS soon as the answer was revealed....I said...'thats NOT fun'....very poor choice!!!" another user remarked.

That being said, several users defended the show, arguing that, for some, jogging actually is fun. Those comments seemed to be far less frequent, notably.

For more on Wheel of Fortune, check out the video below.



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