Why Candace Cameron Bure Isn't Ready for Daughter Natasha to Turn 20 (Exclusive)

The actress and her look-alike daughter talked growing up, working together, and Stamos baby news!

Candace Cameron Bure and her daughter Natasha share a beautiful bond along with their beautiful looks.

ET spoke with the mother-daughter duo at the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries winter Television Critics Association red carpet at Tournament House in Pasadena, Calif. on Saturday, where they talked about working together.

"I loved that she was there with me and she did a fantastic job. We had a good time together," Candace told ET's Katie Krause about starring with her daughter in the Hallmark movie Switching Christmas

As for the future, could mom and daughter work together again?

"I mean, she's a tough co-star," Natasha joked. "I'm kidding, she's great."

As for looking practically like twins on the carpet, both are flattered with comparisons to one another. "I think she's stunning so obviously I appreciate the compliment," Natasha said about her youthful mom.

"For someone to compare me to a 19 year old, it makes me so happy," the 41-year-old quipped.

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Natasha also has a milestone birthday coming up this year: the big 2-0. But don't tell mom that!

"You're breaking my heart!" she exclaimed. "It's setting in! It's her last year of being a teenager! That's hurting! It's hurting me right now."

"She's gonna cry, she's really gonna cry," Natash added.

But don't fret too much, this baby bird isn't fleeing the nest just yet. "I like staying with her," Natasha said.

"I'm still 'mom' at the end of the day," Candace admitted. "I say a lot of 'No' and 'Did you clean your room and put that away?'"

When she's not being a fantastic mom offscreen, she's playing one onscreen in the latest season of Fuller House on Netflix, which is still waiting for word on a season four.

"We're all very hopeful and assuming, but who knows? We have not gotten the word. But we are just waiting along with all of the fans to hear about our pickup," Candace said.

Natasha is also rooting for a fourth season--so she can appear on it!

"I think if you're on you should be a singer on it," Candace offered. "Maybe you could be with Jodie's character or maybe you could be some high school girl that Jackson has a crush on." 

Netflix, take notes!

Adding to the family atmosphere on set is the news that co-star John Stamos is expecting his first baby with fiancee Caitlin McHugh. And from her description, Stamos sounds beyond ready for fatherhood.

"We call him the baby whisperer!" Candace gushed about the dad-to-be. "He's so fantastic with kids -- he has been with the shows we've been on but even if we're at family parties, hanging out, the kids gravitate towards him and he loves it and he's amazing with them! He's going to be the best dad!"

For more on Stamos' baby news, watch the video below!