Why George Lopez Stopped Dating After Repairing Relationship With Daughter Mayan

The 'Lopez vs. Lopez' star revealed the only love and validation he's seeking.

George Lopez is happy to be single in his 60s! 

On Monday's episode of the Jennifer Hudson Show, the 62-year-old comedian opens up about his decision not to date at his current age -- a decision inspired by his 28-year-old daughter, Mayan Lopez. 

"I decided not to date anymore. You know, I'm 62, I'll be 63 soon so I'm out of that," George tells host Jennifer Hudson. "That relieves a lot of the issues that I had. I realize that the only person I need to be in love with and have her love me back, is my daughter, Mayan Lopez. So all my attention will go to her."

George Lopez credits his daughter Mayan for not dating. - Juan Ocampo/NHLI via Getty Images

George was married to Mayan's mother, Ann Serrano, from 1993-2010. Following their split, Mayan was estranged from her father, until their reconciliation during the pandemic. George credits owning up to his mistakes as a father and a man for his healed relationship with Mayan. 

"To be a father is a very special thing," he says. "To be estranged from you child is the worst thing ever and for the first time in my life, I owned up to my mistakes and I'm lucky Mayan took me back into her life and a little bit of the show is about that." 

Since 2022, George and Mayan have starred alongside each other on the NBC comedy, Lopez vs. Lopez. The series was inspired by Mayan's TikToks, where she often quipped about her father's absence. 

George Lopez and his daughter Mayan Lopez star together in Lopez vs. Lopez - Maarten de Boer/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ahead of the series premiere in 2022, the father-daughter duo spoke with ET about the show's inspiration, following their fresh relationship. 

"My parents got divorced in 2010 and even all the way up until 2022 we didn't speak for a couple of years and then we would talk, and then we wouldn't," Mayan told ET about her relationship with her father. "I think now what cemented our reconciliation was the pandemic. I think we realized what was important in life and what wasn't." 

George added, "I look forward to getting to see her do this, and to be getting to know her through this and getting to kind of resolve some things." 

"And we're both getting paid to be there," Mayan quipped.

ET has a clip from the upcoming season 2 premiere of Lopez vs. Lopez where Lopez's character, George, flirts with the idea of dating a flirty new client, played by Lisa Rinna. 

Season 2 of Lopez vs. Lopez airs on Tuesday with two back-to-back episodes.