Why John Corbett's Co-Star Nia Vardalos Thinks He Has Nude Scenes in 'And Just Like That' (Exclusive)

Vardalos dishes on 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3' and John Corbett's slimmed-down physique.

While attending the Elton John AIDS Foundation's 31st Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party in West Hollywood, Nia Vardalos dished on the third film in her successful My Big Fat Greek Wedding franchise and why she thinks her co-star, John Corbett, may be stripping down for And Just Like That season 2. 

When asked if she knows anything about Corbett's return as Aidan Shaw to the Sex and the City franchise, Vardalos played coy, revealing to ET that she knows "a little about that." 

"He told me something right before he went to film," she told Cassie DiLaura, before suggesting that he may be getting naked in the upcoming episodes. "He got in really good shape. So, I have a feeling there's nudity in that. I have a feeling."

Admittedly "so Team Aidan," she added, "John's vegan now, so he looks good." 

While Corbett's busy filming new episodes of And Just Like That, Vardalos revealed that she's in the process of editing My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, which is slated to debut in theaters in September. "I loved directing," she said of helming this film, which was shot in Greece last summer. "It was very, very fun because everyone's like a family." 

Although this was her first time behind the camera for the franchise after writing all three films, she said there was no issue with taking the lead on set. "I kind of thought they'd be like, 'No.' Because it's like directing your cousins," she admitted. "But they were wonderful." 

While Vardalos didn't want to tease anything about the film, her friend, Johnny O'Callaghan, jumped in to say that "she's gonna be here next year nominated" for an Oscar after seeing an early edit of the sequel. "I thought it was very emotional and touching. The subject matters she deals with in this is very different because it's set in Greece," he said. 

"It's a very profound story and she's also pushing many boundaries," the actor continued.