Why Lauren Jauregui Is Taking Her Time With Solo Album (Exclusive)

The Fifth Harmony singer is still finding her sound.

Lauren Jauregui isn't working on anyone's timeline but her own. 

The Fifth Harmony singer is ready to break from the pack with her debut solo album, but she's taking her time to make sure it's right. 

"It's in the works," Jauregui told ET's Keltie Knight at the 2018 American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday. "It's not done at all." 

"[It will] probably [drop] next year," she added. 

Since Fifth Harmony announced their hiatus in March, Jauregui has been hard at work finding her sound. Her new single, called "Expectations," releases on Oct. 24, which she told ET was "aptly titled." 


"I'm super excited," she said of the new song. "But yeah, I've just been kind of exploring. I'm letting it be as organic as possible. I've been writing a lot and just kind of exploring myself, and you know, with each song it kind of has a new life so sometimes I'm creating it from scratch. So it all depends."

"I'm gravitating a lot towards guitar, more towards alternative mixed with R&B sounds, so it's kind of like, in that realm. But I'm not really 100 percent set on any tone yet," she added. 

While she figures out her unique sound, Jauregui couldn't be more proud to be a woman in the music industry. "It's an incredible time in music," she shared. "I feel like a lot of women in music are really connecting with themselves and expressing themselves and kind of just giving their all in music." 

Jauregui, who was just 16 years old when she joined Fifth Harmony, told ET last year that as a Latino artist especially, she feels a sense of responsibility to help her community.

“All artists of Latino descent [can] have a social and cultural impact [on society],” she said. “[When] people see themselves represented, [it allows] them to truly follow their dreams despite the obstacles that routinely get in the way.”

“The word role model is quite an intense term,” she continued. “When one has the amount of influence and platform that we do, there is a sense of responsibility, to educate and share the knowledge I gain about the world as I grow.”

Throughout it all, however, Jauregui feels supported by her Fifth Harmony members

"I mean, all of us are exploring [our own projects] right now. We’re at such an amazing place harmoniously with each other with communication and support for one another," she told ET last December. "We’ve grown so much over the past year even, and I love genuinely being able to explore myself and know that my girls are there for me." 

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