Why Lindsie Chrisley Hasn't Visited Stepmom Julie in Prison

Julie Chrisley is currently serving a seven-year sentence for tax fraud.

Lindsie Chrisley is revealing why she's yet to visit her stepmom in prison. On the latest episode of the reality star's The Southern Tea podcast, Lindsie shared why she's hasn't made the trip to the prison in Lexington, Kentucky, where Julie Chrisley is currently serving out her seven-year sentence for tax fraud.

Lindsie addressed the topic in response to a listener inquiring as to why she's discussed communicating with her father, Todd Chrisley, amid his 12-year prison sentence for tax fraud, but not her stepmother.

"I have not been to Lexington to visit her yet. There was a different process that I had to go through and the process at her facility looks very different than the process at my dad's facility," Lindsie explained. "I sent in all all of my paperwork and have yet to hear back regarding the visiting, so it's been a little bit frustrating."

Lindsie added that "the attempts to try and communicate have been a lot different than communication with my dad," who's currently serving out his prison sentence in Florida.

"There's no hiding aspect of anything," Lindsie, whom Todd shares with his ex, Teresa Terry, said. "I don't want anybody reading into something that is just simply not there."

While Lindsie has yet to see Julie in person, she noted that "as far as I know she's doing well."

During her latest podcast episode, Lindsie also reacted to Abby Lee Miller's exclusive comments to ET about how Todd would handle prison. The Dance Moms alum called Todd "very bougie" and suggested that he would not "be able to handle the soap and the towels" in prison. In response, Lindsie said Abby Lee was "thirsty for headlines."

"She knows as well as her team that everything on my family is currently being reported. Frankly, if someone in my family farted, it would be reported... she wanted to gain press for her project," Lindsie said. "I can assure you there's no concern over towels or soap."